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Tarantula Poecilotheria ornata

Common Names
Fringed ornamental, Ornate tiger spider
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Initial Breeding Date
Special Notes
Flooded enclosure when female appeared to be the largest to induce an eggsac. (when butt was biggest) I did not make any adjustments to temperature or humidity prior to pairing, however. I noticed the male tapping and looking for her and decided that would be prime time to introduce them rather than waiting for him to cool off.
Introduced the male into the females enclosure within hours of bringing him home, clean insertion and getaway. Introduced male to far side of females cage, well away from her.
male was very uncomfortable pairing near the females den. He instead lured her out onto the side of her tank before inserting once and running away. The time the male was under her for insertion was just a few seconds. She made an attempt to grab him immediately after but he escaped without help. He did not attempt a second insertion. On the second pairing a couple weeks later, the female grabbed the male without second thought. Responding to his tapping by walking towards him before pouncing. Female did not respond with tapping during the second pairing.
Post Mating Care
Fed on a regular schedule till March or so before feeding heavily (superworms, crickets) and eventually flooding the cage at the start of May. Female began hiding mid-May and webbed her hide shut.
Time & Care
Female took 9 months to drop her eggsac. Again, pairing was Sep.12-2019. First noticed eggsac June9-2020. Removed eggsac from mother July18-2020. I placed in an incubator. Sac contained ~90-110 EWLs. I did not count. On Aug.4-2020 they were all molted into 1st instar spiderlings. By Aug.31 all 1st instar slings molted into 2nd instar spiderlings.

incubator was a simple plastic shoebox with no ventilation. I placed a layer of paper towels at the bottom and soaked them almost to the point water was pooling on top. a 16oz deli cup was placed in the middle with dry paper towels inside, similar to when a spider would be packed for shipping, yet without any water added.
Final Details
I did not count originally. Those who counted the eggs in the photo gave numbers between 90-110. After separating, i discovered i had ended with 115 2nd instar slings.
Species was a joy to breed. Ended with a good number of babies yet not so many they are unmanageable while shipping and sales are worked out. Pairing was easy, and the mother was very good with her babies.

Breeding loans work out sometime. :)

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