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Tarantula Neoholothele incei

Common Names
Trinidad olive
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Neoholothele incei breeding
Initial Breeding Date
24-06-2022 (14 June 2022)
Special Notes
Female: I fed the female more from 2 weeks before the mating. The female was a total of 6cm (2,35 inch), I don't know when the female molted, I got her on 04-05-2022 (4 may 2022) and she didnt molt since.

Male: The male got his final molt at 21-04-2022 (21 april 2022) so 4,5 weeks before the mating. I have never seen a spermweb.

Both animals were kept without extra heating, it was a quite warm spring so temperatures didnt drop below 21C (70F) at night.
I took both enclosures, took the lids off and placed them in a big box with a lid together.
the first few hours nothing happend, both tarantulas were just chilling in their own enclosure. After a few hours it got dark. As soon as it was dark the male started walking around. It took him 5 minutes to find the female and they both started tapping immediately. The mating only took 10 minutes total. I have seen (and recorded) a few clear insertions. After they were done the male fled, the female chased him for a bit but he got away.
Post Mating Care
A few days after mating I tried to fed the female again but she refused.
Time & Care
On 03-07-2022 (3 July 2022),9 days after mating, she closed her entrance. On 14-07-22 (14 July 2022), 11 days after closing the entrance and 20 days after mating, she made her eggsack. I left the eggsack with her. every week I poured a bit water on the substrate close to her hide so she, and the eggsack wouldnt dry out. It was warm weather so the day temperature was about 26-28c (79-82F).

On 12-08-22 (12 august 2022), 29 days after she made the eggsack, the eggsack hatched. I waited a few days than I opend the hide and took the slings. After a few days I seperated them all.
Final Details
Its 17-08-2022 (17 August 2022) now and I just seperated them all. I got exactly 100 slings. 101 hatched but 1 was dead
I'm pretty happy with the result, this was my first breeding attempt with tarantulas. Right after hatching I did a quick count and tought I had about 40 slings so having 60 extra is great.
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EDIT:: Initial Breeding Date: 24 June 2022, not 14 June

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