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DR zuum

Marino Gray

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    Jackson, MS 39209
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    Via Conversation @ Arachnoboards
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    Hello, all types of creatures interest me, I deal fairly and squarely, I dont cheat or steal and have no reason to decieve anyone never have never will. I am the nicest guy on earth why when I walk outside sunshine flies from my anus and ends a rainy day old lady's walk me across the street, as Baldur I am beloved by all. Whippoorwill's and Red footed cannibal flies dance Irish jigs when I whistle fatty boom boom in a swing tempo. Any creature you get from me might possibly have hidden talents like that singing dancing frog on bugs bunny, and sadly anything it does just as that frog will only be seen by you. Any creature I buy from you will be paid for promptly any and all arrangements between us concerning any matter will be honored and carried forth as we decide. The milk of Jesus and the flowing sacrament be upon those who need it here. Golgo13 bless you all.
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