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Tarantula Hysterocrates gigas

Common Names
Giant baboon spider, Cameroon red baboon spider, Red baboon spider
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Initial Breeding Date
August 1 2021
Special Notes
Fed both male and female to make sure neither was hungry, raised females temp slighty.
After several successful pairing I left the male in her enclosure for a length of time observing the entire time. She showed no signs of aggresion nor made any attempts at hurting the male. I did this for about a week then 2 days ago i decided to put him in with her overnight. I checked on them yesterday and they we both actually just sittin there next to each other. This morning when i checked on them they were both tapping and dancing, i observed several successful pairings throughout today. I finally removed him this afternoon,
I think after the latest observations, i wil place the male in with my female and leave him. They both seem receptive to each other, the female taps and dances like crazy anytime he is near, while the male will breed once or even twice, he retreats to a neutral corner afterwards. Not once though have i observed him building a sperm web, its odd.
Post Mating Care
At this time male and female are seperate, neither is eating,
Time & Care
nothin yet...too soon
Final Details
will keep everyone updated
I love this Sp. and after reviewing the forums i never noticed where anyone had bred them or posted about it, so i thought since i have male and female why not, they're an amazing T.
Male remained housed with the female for a week, I removed male last night in order to feed both, Male is now huddled in his enclosure not eating, female (who has always been a great eater) is now not eating as well, so i'm hopin this is a sign of an upcoming sac.
Male has been absent from female for almost a week now, I fully inteneded to place the male back in with her tonight, but when i looked into her enclosure tonight she had thouroughly closed herself in, I'm assuming 1 of 2 things, a pending molt OR an eggsac is being built. Male is currently in his own enclosure burrowed down and chillin, gonna wait and see whats goin on with her before i decide to loan him out.
Female opened her burrow but no sac, waited 2 days then fed, she ate and male ate, placed male back in with her, he immediately went into her burrow, lots of tapping and shaking but i do not think their was a positive pairing, still a waiting game..

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