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Towanda, Kansas (United States)
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(888) 83-DUBIA
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We got into this several years ago after raising our bearded dragons and other pets on crickets and finally making the switch to roaches. We have now been successfully breeding roaches for over 10 years. For the past few years we have been planning to offer a superior feeder insect and that is how DubiaRoaches.com was born. We now have a facility just outside of Wichita...
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  • Good variety of different feeder insects. Shipping was cheap but it can take like three days to get to your house depending on where you live. Prices were pretty good, but then again I haven't been to every single online feeder store to compare prices.
  • They could probably do something to pack the roaches better during the summer and winter months and offer faster shipping through maybe FedEx or UPS. They also didn't have any crickets. I mean they have them for sale, but they ran out. I don't know how often this happens.
I ordered 50 1/4" Dubia roaches to feed my various scorpions (Leiurus and Androctonus species, babies, sub-adults, and adults). Package arrives by United States Postal Service in three days (Towanda, Kansas to Sloan, Iowa). The shipping is pretty slow since I only live about five hours away. They gave me a pretty large over count to compensate for the dead roaches. A lot of them arrived dead. They also gave me a tiny container of roach chow. Packaging was minimal, just a small USPS box inside a medium USPS box with a small air bag. I'm not sure if they add ice packs during the summer or heat packs during the winter. All in all, I guess I would order from them again. They have a bunch of other feeder insects that I wouldn't mind checking out. Just don't order if it's too hot or too cold outside. Actually I'm not so sure if it's ok to order if it's a little hot or just a little cold outside as the packaging is pretty poor. I haven't dealt with customer service so I can't comment on that. 4/5 or 8/10.

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Towanda, Kansas

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