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Tarantula Chilobrachys sp. "Kaeng Krachan"

Common Names
Dark Earth Tiger, Thai Smokey Grey

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A heartbreaking project!
Initial Breeding Date
Special Notes
We fed her every three to five days until she refused food. Our tarantula room temperature is set at 77 degrees Fahrenheit year round. Her last molt before pairing was 08/27/2019. Two months before the pairing. Her previous molt was almost exactly a year prior.
We introduced the males into the females enclosure. Tried this several time with no interaction. These mature males were very defensive and ended up more interested in protecting themselves from us. Then with pairing with the female. We did shark cage the males in with the females enclosure prior to trying to pair them. On the final attempt I tried male number 2, he ran down into the females burrow. I figured he was a goner. She didn’t go after him and I wasn’t going to dig up her entire enclosure since I had another male.
We never witnessed the male mating with the female. We know they paired because she laid a fertile sac. She didn’t eat him because we found his intact carcass in her burrow. So he passed of old age or maybe she killed him but didn’t eat him. I can only guess.
Post Mating Care
There really wasn’t anything we did to get her to drop the sac. We kept the substrate wet and left her alone. The temperatures in the tarantula were starting to rise a couple degrees above the set temperature during the day because of the spring time sun beating down on the house.
Time & Care
It was five months almost to the day when she dropped the sac. We left it in her care and was going to pull it after 30 days. Then take it and incubate it from there. Only two weeks after she laid the sac I was checking on them and she appeared to be dead laying on the sac. I pulled out her enclosure and sure enough she was in a death curl. She was a terrible loss! It makes me tear up writing about it. We pulled the sac at that time. Put it into a actual incubator setting it’s temperature at 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Turning the sac several times a day. We opened the sac four days earlier then originally planned that would have been on April 26, 2020. I didn’t think we were going to have any viable young.
Final Details
We found 124 EWLs 111 possibly viable eggs and 93 bad eggs. May 2nd they molted 1i and June 7th they molted to 2i. 100 made it to 2i.
I am giving it this rating because it was a rather easy breeding project. Other then the ups and downs. I lost one of my favorite T’s but in the end I was able to carry on her blood line.


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