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Casey K

Casey K

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Casey K
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  1. Lofty Collyums
    "Tarantula Purchased, but never sent"
    Purchase Date:
    Mar 19, 2018
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    Cons - out some money, time wasted
    I have never left a poor review. Even if I'm not too happy about something, the worst I'll do is leave NO review. Typically, I leave super positive reviews because I like to support the tarantula community. My standards are reasonable: I simply need the person to deliver on their word.

    In this case, I feel I need to leave a negative review as a warning, so that others are not burned. I purchased a spider from Casey K in mid March, 2018. On the shipping date, I was told the spider had escaped, suffered a fall and ruptured its abdomen and a picture was sent - poor thing. I then waited a few weeks while she acquired a replacement specimen and for the weather to warm up. After 6 weeks I inquired again and was met with excuses. After 2 months of waiting I finally asked for a refund and was met with silence. Even then I waited another week to see if she would make things right. That has not happened.

    Barring some unforeseen situation, I am very disappointed.
    1. Casey K
      I have shipped all packages ordered except for 2 of them which will be shipped this week (Not everyone received a tracking number due to time crunch and quantity of packages going out) You may contact me via pm so that we can work this out as I'm sure you will retract your negative review. There must be some mishap somewhere (not on your end) because I CERTAINLY would not risk a negative review over one spider. Please contact me via pm so that this can be resolved quickly. Thank you.
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