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Tarantula Aphonopelma moderatum

Common Names:
Rio Grande Gold tarantula
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  1. Austin S.

    Austin S. Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Austin S.
    "Aphonopelma moderatum Breeding"
    Initial Breeding Date:
    May 3, 2017
    Special Notes:
    Female #1 and Female #2 were both placed into a cool room 1 week after molting.
    They remained at 63-71 degrees, and dry, for 4 weeks post molt.
    Several insertions were witnessed on both accounts, which lasted roughly 4-5 minutes.
    The males were then introduced IN the cool room, in the females containers. Courting lasted a few minutes.
    Males were witnessed tapping and shaking at the entrance of the females burrow, eventually luring out the females, for mating. -
    Post Mating Care:
    After mating, females were left in the same cooler conditions for 2 more weeks.
    Containers were then placed into the warm room (81-83 degrees).
    1 week after moving into warm room, I increased food intake, began flooding the container, and increased temps to 90-96 degrees.
    Time & Care:
    Female #1 was witnessed excavating and large, deep burrow the next day after temps were increased.

    June 28th Female #1 was seen laying egg sac.
    July 1st, sac was pulled, and manually rotate by hand, every 5 hours.

    Day 18 - Sac was opened, to 100% good ewls. Not a singe bad egg.
    Final Details:
    453 Total
    Female #2 has now excavated to the bottom of the same container type. Still eating and extremely large. Fingers crossed.

    Female #1-
    Female #2 -
    Female #1 -
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