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U.S. Dealer Links

TOP Links

  1. The American Tarantula Society or ATS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering education about tarantulas and other arachnids.
  2. This site is to provide information about scorpions to both scientists and others seeking information about these interesting arachnids.
  3. The aim of the British Tarantula Society is to promote and encourage the responsible husbandry, research, captive breeding, conservation and general knowledge of theraphosids, scorpions and associated fauna
  4. Arachnoboards group on Facebook
  5. Building Acrylic Reptile Cages, Arboreal and Terestrial to fit your needs and the needs of your pets
  6. Find the perfect Care Sheet for your Tarantula.
  7. Tarantulas of Mexico. In both English and Spanish.
  8. Website of Czech arachnologist Radan Kaderka. Features taxonomic information on the subfamily Theraphosinae.
  9. Photo library of the world's tarantulas. Web site of arachnologist Rick C. West.

NEW Links

  1. Very useful website dealing with various topics related to theraphosidae keeping hobby as well as 47 detailed caresheets of various theraphosid species. Available in English and Dutch
  2. Ants, Ant Farms, Red Wigglers, European Night Crawlers, Fruit Flies, Roaches, Praying Mantis, Millipedes, Centipedes, Bait Worms, Compost Worms, Mealworms, Superworms, Crickets, Micro Worms, Vinegar Eels, Insect Culture Supplies, Insects for fun and education, Feeder Insects and Insect Habitats.
  3. We sell tarantulas, scorpions and other arachnids.
  5. A Georgia based tarantula breeder and retailer.
  6. A Discord chat server for all things inverts. Different channels for different invert categories.
  7. Gorby Exotics Facebook Page. Please do check us out. Thank you!
  8. Gorby Exotics Youtube Channel. Please do check out my videos and don't forget to subscribe.
  9. A new keeper's blog with YouTube videos, Gallery and text on his entrance into the hobby. Still under development.
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