Wutz bad molt top
Male Eresus walckenaeri after molt removal.
@RezonantVoid you and me both :< I looked through his enclosure, through all the substrate, no molt of his legs and carapace :s So I don't know what to do... maybe he's still stuck ;-;
@Alanthea i thought this may have been after he'd come out of the molt. From what I can gather it sounds like he's got himself wedged in pretty good and I'm not liking his chances. A spider of this size should have it over and done with in less than a few hours
Just realised part of the molt is removed. Be aware that without the carapace part intact they have no way of getting their legs out
@RezonantVoid I don't think he will make it, he doesn't move anymore ... It's 3am by now and it's been over 24 hour since I noticed him like this :< He might've had a chance if I knew what to do earlier. v_v Trying to get some rest now and will do an update post tomorrow. Thanks for all the help! <3
@RezonantVoid Thank you. He did in fact die probably from exhaustion during the freeing process. v_v I was so excited for him to grow up and get the cool red look typical for this species. :/ I will see if I can get my hands on one of his siblings next month maybe.

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