Work Anniversary

Work Anniversary

I came into the office today to find balloons all over the place and these plastic tarantulas on my keyboard.

My coworkers may not understand me all the time, but they definitely accept me just as I am. I'm feeling pretty loved. <3
It's good they accept you there. I think I creep out all but one or two of my coworkers with my pet choices :D
Nice Beardie picture btw!
My team is pretty great, even if they don't understand how amazing tarantulas are. I may creep them out a little bit, but they know they need me. ;)

The background is of my two beardies. In this picture you can only see my little Bunji, when he was about a month old. They are both about 8-ish months now, and have grown so much!
That is a nice gesture by your workmates.

I have pretty much never mentioned my hobby to family or people at work. But they have to pretty much know at work. When I do get a break there is quite often a picture of a tarantula showing up randomly on my computer.
Bearded dragons are so full of personality. I don't have any myself but I do love them. Every time I go to the local reptile store I make a point to say hello to Bowie their large male.
My coworkers only know about my snakes and geckos so far. It's going to be fun when the tarantulas get brought up :D
My coworkers are pretty awesome, and with all of our powers combined, we make a pretty amazing team. I've never worked anywhere where I am valued and appreciated as much as I am here.

My world revolves around the creatures I have at home. There isn't too much else I really enjoy talking about. I haven't told my family about my tarantulas, either, though. I do have pictures up on Instagram, so it isn't a secret. However, it wouldn't be worth the headache to hear their disgust. UGH.:shifty::shifty:

I am most excited when I get home to see my beardies. From walking in the house, Bunji goes from his vivarium, to my chest in about 0.23 seconds. They are absolutely amazing reptiles. They have personality for days and days. lol. My favorite is when he snuggles me, and does this little wiggle for maximum cuddles. It kills me every time. Oh, my heart. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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