Wolf spider silk lining or mold?

Wolf spider silk lining or mold?

Some white fuzz looking substance appeared on the t.p. roll tube partially buried in substrate as a burrow, I can't tell if it is silk lining/web from Blade, my male Hogna Baltimoriana. Should I be concerned and change it?
If it is on both sides in the same spot it is probably mold that has attached itself to moisture on the roll you could change it but the spores will probably still be in the tank and touching it would probably help it spread try spraying it with peroxide without spraying your spider. The peroxide will destroy the mold and in the process will make new oxygen. You can then remove it or leave it in the tank as long as the spores are dead. But do not over soak with peroxide only spray where it's needed if you intend on keeping in tank. Peroxide will burn the spider if contact is made before process is complete. I have sterilized the soil in my tanks with diluted peroxide in spots where mold is and once it dried the spiders were still healthy.
Couldn't have asked for a better answer! Thank you @Daniel0430! I will take him out temporarily while I do that, how much should the solution be diluted? Two parts peroxide and one part water?
@Dawnes1221 peroxide is pretty potent try one cap of 3% peroxide to two cups of water spray the mold spots on both sides of the cardboard tube and then let it dry it will kill the mold and any other parasite it touches. You can mist the soil around it too but just mist it if it is too wet you will have to wait longer to return him to the cage I would let it sit till it's dry a few hours or over night if it makes you more comfortable then it will be good as new.

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