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Wolf - household pet
Tony Romano

Wolf - household pet

My pet Wolf spider. I've raised it from a sling I found. As you can see, it eats well.
Nice looking spider. If I'm not mistaken, I think that might actually be an Agelenopsis sp.. If you get a closeup of the eyes, I might be able to tell you for sure.
@Tony Romano It was caught in Illinois right?

Can probably only make guesses on the species based on a photo but probably the best bet on ID is to look at the species in the area it was captured :).
Yes that might be an Agelenopsis! Wolf spiders are ''diggers'' and they make deep holes. Agelenopsis make funnel webs!
@Typhon56 Agreed. That's what first helped me notice. Glad you seconded it though because the eye arrangement was the only for sure method I knew. Didn't really know for sure that wolves couldn't build something like that, was pretty sure they didn't, but again, glad to hear a second opinion.

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