Wishbone spider feeding

Wishbone spider feeding

Previously thought to be an MM tube web spider, it's now become apparent it is actually a wishbone spider
Watched a video last night on Youtube of a guy in Australia going out and catching four different species of spiders. He caught two kinds of Orb weavers, one Huntsman and a trap door that he at first thought was a funnel web.

Man I wished I lived there with all those kinds of spiders. It would be heaven! :) Great video!
@BCspiderman7 honestly mate, nothing compares to an Aussie rainforest trip, you will find a different spider under ever rock and log. There's a property I have recently been visiting to get spiders from the owner, the rainforest on his property only developed 30 years ago when they moved there and so far we have found every single class of primitive spider other than tarantulas. If you're ever down this way, PM me and I'll let you know some good areas to see alot of spiders

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