My sweet bearded dragon boy, just shortly before consuming his jewelry.
Yep, he's definitely Sedona red. There are redder dragons out there, but his ratio of red to orange to yellow is pretty unique and I think awfully sweet.
@WolfSoon yes, one of my sweetly whimsical students at the Oak Creek Ranch School constructed that clover chain and took the photo for the yearbook. Winston was a real hit on campus. I know he misses the kids! What a shame the school had to close. The land around Sedona is far more valuable as vineyards and guest houses than it is as a ranch school. Particularly sad, as there are very few schools that focus on students with ADHD and other learning differences. I've always held that ADHD is a flag for artistic ability. Regardless, the kids and my animals really forged a strong bond. My students in the dorm were particularly excellent spider breeders for some reason. Perhaps it was their capacity for micro focusing and filtering everything else out. I miss them!
Tommy my love, I don't know how to tell you this, but at some point in your dragon's genetic history, a lemon got over the fence! :smug: If that dragon isn't citrus, I ain't a Texan! And trust me, I'm a Texan.
@Dovey I agree about ADHD! I’ve known kids and adults with ADHD who are the most incredibly creative people. That’s a shame about the school closing! So cool that you shared your animals though - and spider breeding?! I wish I would’ve gotten to do that in school. :D
@WolfSoon you would not have believed it! It was the kids that professed themselves to be the most terrified of my spiders that were the most into the breeding process. Somewhere I've got photographs of five or six of them sitting on the floor around a coffee table with desert blondes breeding in the foreground. Their eyes are like saucers!

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