Wild female. PLEASE HELP!

Wild female. PLEASE HELP!

Rescued her in a basement. VERY docile, doesn't move much or climb. We need to know more about her. Thanks :)
Have owned her for 2 months now & she has not ate & barely moves. We have to force her into our hands & then she just sits there. Twice she has started walking but mainly hangs out :) Worried about if she will make it or not since we are new to owning tarantulas.
hmm.. E.Campestratus?

or Carapoensis.. but I'm leaning more on Campestratus.. you have any other pics? the topside of her.. and a close up of the spermathecae?
The reason she hasn't eaten or moved much in the last two months (probably two or three times longer than that, honestly) is because she's been preparing for this molt. This is called the pre-molt cycle and tarantulas typically go into a very lethargic state like you witnessed. Try feeding two weeks from the date after this molt and you should get some explosive results!
Thanks everyone. I wasn't notified of your responses, like I requested. I found out she is a Costa Rican Zebra. She did eat almost 2 months after this molt & is still not a big eater. About a month ago she went on a eating binge but not since. She does move a little more now but I think she just likes to cuddle. I will hold her on my chest for hours & if I move she will get closer to me. I love her & she is my favorite, more than the other 6. She is skittish but you can easily pick her up & she will get more active. She will crawl short distances but prefers to stay in hiding. Do you think she will get over her hiding phase?
That's not Aphonopelma seemanni. The feet look suspiciously Grammostola sp. Concepcion, as do the markings, but I don't see a mirror patch. Does she have a reflective patch on her abdomen?

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