Where’s the H. mac?
There is one in the pic. He is just amazing at camouflage
Top right side in the shadow. I really like H.macs they can easily disappear on wood and cork bark.
@0311usmc yeah it is. I like when he grows he will become a lot brighter.

Are you still in or get out? I was a POG 2844 from 2004-2011. Since my SSgt didn’t like me much I was always tasked out or give. To other companies during deployments. Fine by me I didn’t like the fucker. Got to be a honorary 0331 during 2007-2098 when we went to Ramadi, Iraq The whole time we were there there was 1 firefight. Guess who was lucky enough to be in that. 8 hours later and 6 packs of cigarettes they dropped a JDAM on a building and we went home.

But enough of that. I still somehow am reliving that every moment of every day
I really enjoy both of my H.macs especially my mature male he cracks me up. At night when he is roaming around i like to turn the lights on and watch him run around his enclosure looking for his web tube hide going a hundred miles an hour. But talk about being great eaters, always take the roaches i put in.
No bro i was in from 2005-2009. Iraq 07, Afghanistan 2008 and volunteered to go to Okinawa Japan for 5 months before i got out. 2nd battalion 7th marines 1st Mar div.

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