What type?

What type?

I acquired this spider in a group purchase and don't really know what it is. Any help is appreciated...
I think that one is quite salmon in color compared to the....Pterinochilus murinus

out of curiosity, does anyone have a picture of the Pterinochilus simoni?
Probably Pterinochilus murinus - too much black on the carapace from my - limited - experience as well
Try Augacephalis breyeri/sp mozambique! africa has many veriations of tarantula with the 'starburst' carapace marking! but everyone always jumps to P murinus cause thats all they know!
I agree with spiderworld. It definitely isn't P murinus. I think it's Augacephalus as well. Possibly breyeri, but I think sp Mozambique lacks the red setae that the specimen in question possesses.

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