What T is this? sold as a Costa Rican Zebra

What T is this? sold as a Costa Rican Zebra

Wow, yours looks almost exactly like mine (2.5" juvie). I read that A. seemani will very in color from tan to grey to black, and stay that way throughout life. I thought that they might become black after a molt or two, but I have seen images of juvie A. seemani that are black.

Sceptic said:
I think that this spider can be Aphonopelma seemani ...

after molt
http://galeria.lasiodora.sk/displayimage.php?album=12&pos=0 - grey blue
That looks exactly like my A. seemanni. My semanni is very blueberries blue after the last molt about 1 or 2 months ago.

Pre-molt and old picture:

The guy i got mine from, said it was brown when he got it. But molted into the grey/blue and then to bluebarrie blue when i got it.

To OP. It could be a "real" A. seemanni, and not a sp ;)

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