What Species Is This T?

What Species Is This T?

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I think it could be a B-Vagans or a L-Klugi, but not 100%.

Is not the greatest picture, but suggestions would be nice :)
Also note, she has a large bald spot on her bottom, its almost a salmon pink colour. This is not a pre-molt balding spot, because the bald patch hasnt altered in the 6 months I have had her.

She is fairly slow moving, can be skittish at rare times, and seems to like to climb, hasn't attempted to borrow.

She isn't the greatest eater, has fasted for a long while despite showing know signs of molting.

She is also around 4inches in size.

I have no idea about her age, as I adopted her from someone who failed to keep them in the correct conditions required for a T.

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