What Poecilotheria Is This?

What Poecilotheria Is This?

Can you help me identify what poecilotheria is this?

1 more photo to help you (you can click):

bobita60 said:
bobita60 said:
p smithi/formosa/pederseni one of this 3 for shure, but in my oppinion it is smithi
but due to the model on the carapce it seems subfusca :|
It's not a subfusca. I have a lowland and highland forms and both have darker brown coloration around the carapace, legs, so it's a pretty distinguishable pokie. I will vote for P.pederseni or you could have a male P.regalis (if it has a clear abdominal band)
Definitely not subfusca - not by the carapace or the ventral leg patterns.

By the carapace pattern, it would be striata, regalis or formosa and not pederseni. Ventrally, it doesn't match formosa or regalis, and doesn't quite have the yellow of the striata. I agree that ventrally it does match best with pederseni, but I'm going to have to go with striata or possibly a hybrid. ?
looking at the black mask around the eyes and the yellow bands around the underside i would say p.rufilata just check out the genus gallery on here

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