What kind of tarantula is this?

What kind of tarantula is this?

We live in Southern CA and found this tarantula on the side of the road yesterday. It's black and not very hairy. It looks like it has gray on the back and the fangs look red. We don't want to try to handle it until we know what type it is. Help!
OK, I can definitely see the tibial hooks in this photo. You have got a mature male, probably an Aphonopelma iodius or A. eutylenum. The best thing you can do for this guy, who has already lost a lot of body condition, is to take him out to the desert and release him, unless you have a mature female of his species to breed him to. Otherwise, he's just going to waste away and die.

Just FYI in respect to mature male tarantulas. Many I have had, some I still have, eat well, live long past when they're expected to and live comfortably. It's all in knowing how to care for them. Proper care for an animal whether pet or wild is a rewarding endeavor. It includes loving compassion and is not complete without it.

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