What kind of "Stripped Knee" is this?!

What kind of "Stripped Knee" is this?!

I bought this t at my LPS (local pet store) about 2 wks ago. It was lbld "Stripped Knee". I bought it for $29.95. It's somewhat skittish, and flicks hairs, but otherwise, seems pretty docile. Any help on identity would be appreciated.
From the pic, maybe a Grammostola Aureostriata (Chaco Golden Knee), but I could be wrong.

If it is a G. Aureostriata you got a great deal, even if it is a male!!!
(Not that I am saying it is).

G. Aureos look similar to A. Seemani (Costa Rican Zebra) but have golden stripes hence the name, Chaco Golden Knee.
Looks to me like a good ol plain A.Seemani if the spinnerettes are orange then it's A.Seemani for sure.
What color are the spinnerets? Looks an awful lot like a Aphonopelma Seemani a.k.a Striped Knee or whatever you want to call it.

Not all Seemanis are black with obvious stripes..

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