What kind of "Stripped Knee" is this?!

What kind of "Stripped Knee" is this?!

I bought this t at my LPS (local pet store) about 2 wks ago. It was lbld "Stripped Knee". I bought it for $29.95. It's somewhat skittish, and flicks hairs, but otherwise, seems pretty docile. Any help on identity would be appreciated.
Looks like A seemanni to me. Costa rican zebra. They tend to be skittish, def kick hairs, and sometimes rear up in threat display.
I agree it looks like an a seemani to me...most pet stores will carry those and sell them...i came across one as well at my pet store
I as-well think its a A. seemani (Costa Rican Zebra)
I bought one for the same price from a petstore 2 summers ago and they listed the common name as a stripped knee tarantula
Its Aphonopelma spec Guatemala, often misidentified as Aphonopelma seemanni by those who dont read articles written by eddy hijmensen, such as almost all petstores and some forum members.

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