What kind of dwarf is this?

What kind of dwarf is this?

I bought it just now from a guy that said it was a Brazilian blue dwarf beauty, assuming he meant D. Diamentinensis. So after I bought it I went off googling slings and turns out it doesn’t look anything like it. I feel like it’s a Cyriocosmus of some kind. Sorry for the bad quality, it’s tiny.
That's tough to say. I would post again after they moult and see if it is any easier to narrow down the species.
If it is a cyriocosmus, I wouldn’t mind anyway. It was only $30. I’ve been looking for an elegans specifically but either way I’m not really upset. I’ll try taking a picture of it with my macro lens when I get home, hopefully it’ll be clearer.
Now that I’ve done some quick searching, I believe it’s a C. Perezmilesi. It’s common name is Bolivian dwarf beauty which I feel like that was what he meant to say instead of Brazilian.
I managed to contact the guy, turns out he meant Bolivian dwarf beauty, not Brazilian. So it is indeed a C. Perezmilesi

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