What is this?

What is this?

I got this T and it was supposto be a G Rosea, but I dont know if it really looks like one to me, it looks alot like my G Aureostriatas, and either way it is the most aggressive T Ive ever owned!!! It will chase you down and attack you!!!!
That IS a G. rosea, a very typical-looking one at that. It also acts just like most of my own G. roseas. Apparently, since T's can't read, not one has bothered to read any of the human-written accounts that describe G. rosea as "very docile" or "best beginner tarantulas", lol. I've got 12 of this species, in different color phases, and while I've found the RCF's to be more docile than the others, I've only got one out of the whole lot that has not yet tried to bite me, and of the 12, I've got 2 that will try to bite every chance they get. They have the same "default mode" as your spider does.

my g.rosea isnt exactly aggressive but she certainly isnt tame. i think A.Avics are a far more appropriate beginner tarantula.

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