What is this sling?
Being sold as "mexican red knee" by local petshop. It's about 1"
Could definitely be a Brachypelma. Hard to say for sure. And definitely no way to tell if it’s a B. hamorii
@Olan if I can confirm brachypelma it's definitely either Hamorii or Smithi. This pic doesn't do it justice but those markings were evident. Only reason I thought I'd check before buying is because I just bought a "mexican red knee" yesterday that turned out to be N. coloratovillosus (the guy who sold it to me bought it from a petstore who sold it to him as mexican red knee)

I'm still happy with it because I got an adult female N. coloratovillosus for dirt cheap but now I still don't have a B. hamorii/smithi
It looks very grey for a B. hamorri or smithi. I not sure what the B. emelia slings look like though. It looks like B. vegans did when they were tiny.

Time will tell. Please keep updates on this little guy.
@spodermin remember that peer pressure thing. Do it ....do it ....do it.... do it..

On the other hand, that is a prime example of pet store selling T’s. It like getting a mystery box but without the shipping cost.

“Pet store tarantulas are like a box of chocolates, you never know what species you are going to get”
@Drea :rofl: seriously though. It's almost impressive how little they know. That's how I ended up with my ultra rare Nhandu mexican redknee ;)
@Drea The dull coloration is a result of being pre molt...after molting it will look drastically different and species should be more obvious.
@cold blood The color changing is one of the things that draws me into Tarantulas. I prefer to buy slings just to watch the process plus they have the added bonus of costing much less.

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