what is she? is it a she were can? find out more info about it?

what is she? is it a she were can? find out more info about it?

i think its a Singapore blue but (shrug) as i was a bit over excited about the buy. bit nervous because its my first only after buying did i find this website and find old world are not to good for first timers so all advise welcome. is it even a she
cobalt blue tarantula, fyi you are feeding this spider way to many grasshoppers at one time, this can cause stress which can result in death.. if you care about your t, you will only feed "him or her" one grasshopper per week...
It really depends on what you see as "beginner." If you decide not to handle her*, which I'm pretty damned sure you have after seeing this threat pose, than she's* a great beginner. Welcome to the hobby, hun. Yeah, I'd follow the advice the first guy gave you, cut down on her* food. Seriously. How much "dirt" does she* have? I've never kept one of these before, but I do know that they're burrowers. I know she's* beautiful, but once she* gets her* burrow set up you won't see much of her.* That isn't a bad thing. Yay petholes. You have the latin name, make sure you use it when you refer to your T in any questions you have for us.

*We can't sex her with this picture. Look at the sexing pictures to get a better idea of how to sex/what a good sexing picture would look like.
Check out the search to see how you're supposed to keep her* as well.
Good luck, hun. Again, welcome to the hobby.
Haplopelma lividum - cobalt blue.....yep i have one thats about 4 inches.....extremely vicious......i will open up my deathstalker scorps without hesitation....but when i open up the cobalt its not much of an open and not open for long...haha...good luck

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