what is she? is it a she were can? find out more info about it?

what is she? is it a she were can? find out more info about it?

i think its a Singapore blue but (shrug) as i was a bit over excited about the buy. bit nervous because its my first only after buying did i find this website and find old world are not to good for first timers so all advise welcome. is it even a she
You will have to wait for a molt and take a picture of it or get a close up picture of the underside of the Tarantula and post it for anyone to be able to tell you its sex. Check out the Spermathecae sexing category and the Epiandrous Fusillae category and you will see what kind of picture you need to submit. Good luck.
That is definitely not a Singapore Blue. They have ridiculously long legs for their body size.
The pictures are pretty rough, but I am fairly sure from what I do see that you have Haplopelma lividum, or the Cobalt Blue Tarantula.
It is a terrestrial burrower with a well deserved reputation for having a wicked bad attitude. They prefer a moist substrate such as coco choir(eco-earth or bed-a-beast) or peat to burrow into. They stay in their burrow pretty much all of the time, except for rare late night excursions in the cage. They are one of the tarantulas referred to as "a pet hole". You may be able to see your tarantula more often with the proper use of a "prefab burrow" like T-rex's "peak-a-view burrow" (god-awful name not withstanding) and some construction paper.
While I would never categorize a lividum as a first time T, it does have some things going for it that you may enjoy. Under the right light it is capable of displaying breath taking metallic electric blue colors on it's legs and sometimes cephalothorax. While it is very aggressive, it is also very predictable and not hard to manage with a cup when cleaning the cage.
If you want to take kimtall's advice to have it sexed using the Epiandrous Fusillae method, I recommend that you transfer it with a cup into a small, clean and empty aquarium with a tight fitting lid and then take pics of the epigastric furrow region from underneath while you have someone hold the tank up.
In closing, alot of people may freak out when they find that a lividum is your first tarantula, I believe that there is no reason that you could not enjoy your new T once you've learned a bit more about it.
And, like kimtall said, "Good Luck!"
I have to agree with JayzunBoget. They have a nasty attitude.
And that is H. lividum. Not an Cyriopagopus sp. blue

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