what is she? is it a she were can? find out more info about it?

what is she? is it a she were can? find out more info about it?

i think its a Singapore blue but (shrug) as i was a bit over excited about the buy. bit nervous because its my first only after buying did i find this website and find old world are not to good for first timers so all advise welcome. is it even a she
It looks like an H. Lividium (cobalt blue) not the best for first T. Just don't go putting your hands/fingers too close to it.
I agree this looks like a cobalt blue. This is an aggressive spider so like jeepinwu2 said, "don't go putting you hands/fingers too close to it.
It's an H. Lividum. They're fast and very defensive. They're also what we call Obligate Burrowers. They need about 7-9 inches of substrate so that they can burrow way down and make their tunnels. It looks female, simply by the vibrant colorings, though a better picture of the ventral (under) side would be very very helpful. Full grown they're about 5-7 inches. Definately not handleable, but very pretty on the rare occasion you get to see them. Provide the substrate I mentioned, and toss in a cricket or two per week. Do all of that and provide a water dish, and you'll be all set.

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