What Brachypelma species is this?

What Brachypelma species is this?

? species. emelia? annitha? I have 2, seen on left & middle pix. B. emelia on right. Patella, tibia, & metatarsus are lighter colored hairs. On B. emelia, just tibia & maybe metatarsus on some legs do. Maybe a regional color variation?
I don't think it's emilia, I think the leg markings /colours extend across to much of the leg (eg. the red/orange patella markings).
But I don't think it's baumgarteni either, from what I've seen baumgarteni has a lot more darkening on the carapace rather than just the triangle.
As to what it actually IS, I really don't know.
Thanks for the link. It does look to me to be a boehmei × emilia hybrid based on the pictures from the site referenced. Anyone interested in these? As I said, I have two of them, and I'd like to sell them if possible.
The right image looks like Emilia! ( 1/3 Orange color on legs)
But the left and the center Picture looks like Boehmi X Emilia ( Black triangle in head but, on legs 2/3 orange color)

Sorry for the bad english!

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