What Avicularia is this
I bought this avicularia as avicularia avicularia but some people have told me its avicularia guyana and then some other pwople have told me that both of thease species are the exact same just they have multiple names for the species can anyone clear this up for me please
Avic Avicularia plain and simple. Guessing Morphotype 1. Search for the thread in this forum that explains the changes in this genus. It won’t make anything easier but you will get why we told you that there is no such thing as avic versicolor or avic Metallica anymore. Also as was mentioned many times before, Petco or petsmart is more than likely not going to carry the more “rare” species. This is a common Pinktoe, nothing wrong with that. They are an awesome species as long as you keep them correctly.

most of us on FB group are on here....
It seems as if you have an issue of it being a common Pinktoe?

Many reliable experienced keepers aside from myself have told you that it is an Avic. Avic m1. Also never saw where some said Guyana. I saw a few other subspecies mentioned that it may be that it is most definitely not.

I’ll give you a hint...going against very experienced keepers in this forum will not get you very far. You ask for help and you get it. Take it and don’t question it unless you have a good reason to. You will see where new keepers have done so and it doesn’t work out to well.
@docwade87 i would never question it i have been in the hobby for about 3 years now and just wanted to clear up what it actually was i have no problem with it being a common pinktie i love them i just wanted to know exactly what it was sorry if i came across like that it was not my intention i take any advice i get given very seriously and i will always admit when im wrong thanks for the help and sorry again if i came across like that it really wasn't my intention and i didant get it from a pet shop i got it from a breeder i know in the uk i just wanted to know if there was a difference between those to species or if they are the same just some people call it by a different name
And the avicularia in this picture is a different one from the one i posted before i have to of these pink toes because they are such an amazing species so i was just confused cos i was being told that it was a avicularia avicularia and then when i would tell someone that this is one of my avicularia avicularia they would say no that avicularia Guyana so i just wonted some clarification and i know that some of the avicularia species have been moved to another genius now like the avicularia veraicolor is now the caribana veraicolor im just trying to learn all i can and sorry if i offended you in anyway
I wasn’t mad. Just speaking as I saw things. All is well. At least you care about your Ts! Cheers!!
@Perry Barnes Avicularia avicularia is currently believed to have seven morphotypes; reputable breeders generally try to breed only the same morphotypes together, as if they end up being different species, it reduces inadvertent hybridization.

I believe morph #1 is often called the Guyana pinktoe or common pinktoe. Chain pet stores have received shipments of them from Guyana, but that's not the only way to have gotten one.

Morph #6 is sometimes called Avicularia metallica (a nomen dubium).

@CEC can probably tell you which morph you have. My adult female is morph #1.

@Perry Barnes I wasn't under the impression that you were disappointed in any way. Yes, the Avicularia genus can be very confusing - they can differ to a pretty significant extent depending on the locale they are found in. Some have the blue carapace, some have a more green carapace, and trying to determine the exact species, from a specific locale, is not easy. There is nothing wrong with you asking for clarification, although making an absolutely positive identification from a photograph alone is not always possible with this genus.
Using the common name can also add to the confusion. While 'Guyana Pinktoe' is often used to describe the entire species of Avicularia avicularia, the individual could have originated from somewhere else. They have an extensive range throughout Central and South America.
@Ungoliant Yes I agree. Avicularia avicularia m#1.
P.S. There are 7 morphotypes.

@Perry Barnes Guyana is still today the main exporter of WC Avicularia avicularia. So the odds are very high yours came from there but as Vanessa stated there is no way of telling by looking at it.
BTW Guyana only has one species of Avic and that is Avicularia avicularia. It has two morphotypes recorded; m#1 (like yours) and m#6 (aka hobby metallica). So I wouldn't be listening to whom ever said Avicularia Guyana cuz clearly they don't understand they're one and the same.

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