What are you?

What are you?

Purchased as Costa Rican Zebra (A. seemani) but underside and spinnerettes are dark brown. Possible Acanthoscurria borealis? Not aggressive, skittish, little burrowing. Any ideas?
Thanks for the guess. I'm thinking more likely Lasiodorides striatus? Her legs don't show the lighter coloration of the Peruvian blonde. What do you think?
I'm inclined to agree. To think I've had her for around 8 years and thought she was just a common A. seemani. Not bad...a full adult for $20. Wish I could find her a mate or a spiderling as a replacement. Do you know anything about lifespan, etc. on this species? Are they known to be handleable? I've never tried with her since I had heard A. seemani was so skittish.
Lasiodora's tend to be semi aggresive. they can be handled but you need to be careful not to piss it off. females i would guess live somewhere along the lines of 13 years or more and males like 3.
It looks like a Peruvian Blonde (Lasiodorides polycuspulatus) to me. The gentle giant they say. haha

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