What am I

What am I

Super gentle T, guy I got her from said 1 molt till mature. any ideas?
That is so weird.. I have a post a page back with a T that looked exactly like that, it molted out to be a B. vagans. Here's some pics (same gold carapace)..
pre molt:

post molt:
i don't think it's a B vagans. the pic you kindly showed does not really seem similar at all. i agree with austin. this seems to be some sort Aphonopelma specie.
If you look closely at your pic, you will notice some reddish hairs on the abdomen, I would love to see what yours looks like after molt. Im going to stick with B. vagans, or possibly B. sabulosum as some think that is what mine is (red hairs on legs 4 & 8).. Heres a diff pic of mine before its molt, I have a super bright flash, mine was identical in color to yours.. I cant see your 4 & 8 though, does it have long hairs??


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