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I'm pretty sure that's an Aphonopelma-could be either A. hentzi or A. anax. They look very similar, but the more reddish hairs on the abdomen(where they haven't been kicked off) suggest A. hentzi more strongly.

Thanks -- I'm down to between hentzi and anax after looking everywhere too I suppose in the long run it doesn't matter too much except for my tendancy to label everything :D
correct me if i'm wrong, but it looks like a brachypelma albiceps. probably from my inexperience though. if it's WC it's aphnopelma.
I'm not too sure how it was acquired. I purchased this little lady from my cricket supplier. One of his other customers traded it in for a little cash. I've got no ideas on the history of this spider at all :D All I know is, she doesn't eat much, is VERY calm and docile, and loves hiding in the log in her tank.
Not A. hentzi, legs are way to thick to be that. Most likely Aphonopelma ssp "anax". Depends on the whereabouts upon it being collected.

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