WC Aphonopelma sp.

WC Aphonopelma sp.

About 2 1/4 inches dls, caught in Palo Duro canyon (Texas panhandle)
Apologies for the photo quality, I was in a rush. A detail that is not represented in the photo is the light brown setae on the abdomen.

East facing burrow in a burm in the valley of the canyon (west side) horizontally oriented. About a foot long, and maybe ten inches below ground level. Carefully excavated.
@Mirandarachnid The best indicator of species by overall look would be a long, sleek, and almost shiny appearance of the legs along with a widened metatarsus 1-3. Since your's doesn't seem to have any of those characteristics, I would go with A. hentzi. Here is where I confirmed the ID of my A. armada. http://arachnoboards.com/threads/aphonopelma-armada.281336/

If you want to confirm the ID of your tarantula from the panhandle without leaving any doubt, then examining the arrangement of the thick black setae on the inside face of coxa 1 is necessary.
@AphonopelmaTX Thank you! I'll take a look at the setae once I get a molt. I am absolutely loving that Amscope we discussed a while back, by the way. Thank you for your advice on that!

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