Visual differences between my two G. pulchripes

Visual differences between my two G. pulchripes

Male - left, female - right. Fascinating how different my two specimens look already. I always thought males initially grew larger because they matured sooner, but my female is slowly gaining size on him. Very interesting.
Yeah males are generally much smaller throughout their lives, apparently. Then on their maturing molt they gain a massive amount of size and become larger than their female counterparts again.
@Moakmeister I had a male G. pulchripes go through a penultimate molt and I found his size gain wasn't that substantial. His limbs grew much longer, but no girth. I measured him at a timid 5.5" prior to giving him away for breeding. I'm secretly hoping these two will grow much larger lol
@Haemus "Penultimate" is the molt right before the ultimate molt right? Also I meant that the mature male will be larger than a female of the same age that was previously bigger than him. I didn't mean that the mature males are larger than the mature females.
@Moakmeister Yup, I owned him since for his penultimate and ultimate molts. Like Regina, he was sold to me as a female. Unlike Regina he was actually a male...
I have a few slings. One is a little bigger than the other. I assumed that maybe the larger one would be a male because I read that they grow faster. I have two c versicolors that both molted last week. They were both about an inch when they molted. After they molted one is definitely larger than the other. I don't know if that could mean that they are different sexes. I always assumed the male would grow faster until i read this post. Im not knew to keeping t's but I am new to keeping more than one of the same species.
@Goopyguy56 I assumed males grow faster as well, although I'm sure it varies on the specimen. Moak has a theory that he'll make his size jump during his last molt. Hopefully he's right, but this particular male is quite small. Should be interesting.

Do you sex the Ts by examining the exuvia? IMO it's the only bullet proof way to determine sex.
Well yeah i use the exuvia when they get bigger. I gave up on trying to sex 1-inchers for now. I have microscopes (im a science teacher). I just have a hard time getting the abdomen unfolded on smaller t's. Mine usually chew it up because they don't want me to know yet. My only non slings are a female B albo and B emilia. My 12 other t's are all slings and mysteries as far as sex goes.

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