Unlabeled Molt Photo: LP Male?

Unlabeled Molt Photo: LP Male?

Dang, somehow I didn't label this molt photo when I took it back in August. I was just learning to use my endoscope. Is this my LP boy? I just have the single shot. Only other option would be a cambridgei.
That is a Female molt. I keep changing my mind, but I now think its an LP. Wait for someone else to chime in on LP vs P. cam.
Okay, if I'm looking at a female, it's a chalcodes. That's the only option. Thanks for the clarification! I'm new to this sort of sexing and still learning, absolutely!
Yep, it's all coming back to me. This is the post-breeding shed that broke the heart of every girl in my dorm! :(

Thanks so much for your help!
@Dovey It now makes more sense to me. It matches the Spermathacae of a chalcodes in my book. Explains why I was a bit torn between a P. cam and an LP. Haha.

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