Unknown Very Large Tarantula...Possibly a Hercules?

Unknown Very Large Tarantula...Possibly a Hercules?

I obtained this girl over 2 years ago & her cage was not labeled. No-one has been able to positively ID her for me. I've had quite a few people over and guesses range from a Hercules to a Camaroon Red Baboon.
It could verywell be gigas. Don't rule that out yet. Another possibility would be Hysterocrates crassipes. But if you are thinking you have H. hercules, don't count on it. The only specimen know in captivity is in a jar of alcohol in a British museum. Plus, H. hercules back two legs are not swollen, which is very visible in this picture.
Thanks for taking the time to respond to me Austin. I have quite a few adult H. crassipes and she is definately not one of them. Any other ideas. Also, I have 11 adult female H. gigas and she isn't the same as them either.
Hmmm... how big is she? And if all possible where was she purchased from? If from a petstore it is more than likely WC. It is almost impossible to determine the ID on this unless sending her to someone to be properly ID'd. She is in heavy premolt. Could be Hysterocrates ederi, laticeps, or even greeffi. Trying to ID this species without seeing it eye to eye is very difficult. This genus is in a huge mess, much like Avicularia or Aphonopelma for that matter.
i think it could very well be an H hercules and i am pretty sure it's not a gigas. i think that H laticeps is also a good possibilty
She was included in a very large collection (over 1000 tarantulas and other invertebrates) I obtained over two years ago. They were offered to me by the wife of the man who had raised and bred them. He died and she knew me from my shows. Most of the cages were marked. Hers was marked "Hercules." That could have been her name or her species. Most of the other cages were marked with genus and species...none of them had pet names. All of the tarantulas were captive bred and raised, not wild caught. I hope this helps.
Please just do a search under this site by looking for H. hercules, you too Michael. Michael, I told you to send a pic of urs after you said u would and called me a moron. Stop googleing everything and do some research. I'm sorry but you mistaked a T. apophysis for a Pamphobeteus species.

Even under the search engine when looking for hercules, use my name. I had the same problem. A container was labeled hercules but turned out to be gigas. H. HERCULES DO NOT HAVE SWOLLEN BACK LEGS. I cannot explain it anyother way. Sorry for being hostile, but I've had to explain it to several different people.
You can just sell her to me and then you won't have the headache of trying to ID her!

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