Unknown tarantula, ID please?

Unknown tarantula, ID please?

Got terrarium with spider from friend whose sister did not want it anymore. I consider the terrarium itself and substrate poor, and would like to change it (and it needs cleaning).

Owned Stromatopelma calceatum before.
Nice Acanthoscurria geniculata you've got there! It's gonna get big, some females get up to 8 inches! Some people report that their A. geniculatas are evil, hair flickin', bitey or just plain shy as hell. I have had 4. The two tha aren't spiderlings are sweethearts. Here is a pic of my little one next to the curator of hymenoptera at MSU's big one.
Thank you very much for the ID, will make things much easier for me as I now can try to focus on improving its situation/habitat. I've not observed any hair-flicking from it so far. It's possible this one is on the more active side, showing some defensive behaviour, and now and then reacting when I open the door to feed it.

The big one in your picture is really nice - I am looking forward to taking care of this beauty now!
think you will find that it is a white knee or latin Acanthoscuria geniculatatin
i have 2 of these my self :4:

jason and shaz

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