Unknown Tarantula Haplopelma?

Unknown Tarantula Haplopelma?

All the guy said was it was from Costa Rica Or Puerto Rico (I can't recall what he said)
i think it might be a haplopelma longipes but it could easily be a H. albostriatum. i need someone with good old world knowledge to bring my suggestions to a conclusion.
This looks to me like the common color morph of the Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula, or Aphonopelma seemanni. They are often sold at pet stores under the monkier "stripe knee". These are a skittish/nervous species that take off like a rocket when startled, and are best not handled except for the most docile specimens. They need at least 75% humidity and a terrestrial setup. Hope that helps.

Supposedly there is also a brown color morph of this species that originates from Nicaragua that is dark brown with tan stripes. I am not sure if that's what mine is, but I posted a pic on the ID thread as well.


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