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i think that this is an Acanthoscurria species and in particular suina. i think that Acanthoscurria suina is very likely in terms of coloration and build. i hope this helps and i want to know if any other people have good ideas as well ;)
100% seemani.

Just because it is not as 'black' does not mean a thing. It looks like a subadult seemani in need of a molt, then it will darken up. The orange spinn. are a dead givaway.:rolleyes:
i have acanthoscuria suina(adult female)this is a aphonopelma.
they actually resemble each other i agree but the carapace is highly domed and in person look nothing alike.
yeah of course. but with the picture we are given we'll have to work with what we are given. i kinda do see aphonopelma but i lean towards suina. i think that if it were aphonopelma, it would be A crinitum.
but it has allready been established that seemani is not the only aphonopelma with orange spinnerets.
crinitum,burica,and borealis also have orange spinnerets.

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