Unknown Sling

Unknown Sling

Does anyone recognise the species of this little sling? I received it as a rescue and it has had one moult with me. Thanks
It's just a guess. It also looks like Lampropelma violaceopes but I doubt that one of those would be a rescapee. H.mac seems more probable. I have 2 slings that look spot on ;) Hope for you it is but it'll take a while before a positive ID ;)
It'll get all the love and care I can give it whatever it is, of course. :)

I'll cross my fingers for your early, early estimation though! :drool:
Philth said:
Looks African to me. My guess is Pterinochilus murinus
Didnt think about that one. Definately could be P.murinus... The sling does seem a bit lighter colored than H.mac. Well we'll see better in 2-3 molts i guess ;)

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