Unknown Mexican

Unknown Mexican


Well here it is, a friend found this little tarantula on his backyard and gave it to me, is like a blonde B. Vagans, but with a mark on the torax and two colored legs.

I hope someone can help me out so i can take good care of it

Hi, thanks for the info, however it doesnt seems like that tarantula, this one is more grey and quite more yellow in the abdomen's hairs, besides this one was found in central Mexico, and the Behlei's are natural tho the northern US, ( or so i've read...)

An spanish friend of mine told me that most likely is from the genus Aphonopelma but so far is the only information i have.
Hey that brachypelma vardezi Schmidt is quite similar to mine.....

I'll try researching a bit on them to see if the colection zone matches with the natural zone's.

thank you!
It has the lighter V on the carapace so this pretty much clues me in that it is a Brachypelma verdezi. B. bagans carapace is solid with no V.
B. sabulosum, Positive identification is difficult as it is very similar to B. vagans
I think it's not a B. Verdezi. B. Verdezis has hairs on their legs & abdomen which has the same color, hairs on the legs are absent in this T.

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