Unknown from a Banana Shipment

Unknown from a Banana Shipment

This came in on a Banana Shipment to a supermarket. My best guess is a young Venezuelan Suntiger, Psalmopoeus irminia.
Do you know which country the shipment of bananas originated in? This isn't a P. irmina, by the time they start to "color up" as youngsters they always have those characteristic little orange chevrons on their leg joints. This looks more like a Cyclosternum sp., but honestly, I've seen a T that looks just like this. That's a lucky and rare find you got there, especially since produce shipments are usually fumigated to kill insects.

Unfortunatly I wasnt the one who found it. This picture came from a member of another forum who is trying to ID it. The spider made it up to Canada from whatever country of origin the shipment originated.
Update: The banana shipment came from Columbia. Hapalopus triseriatus seems to be a Venezuelan species. Does their range go into Columbia at all? I cant find much information on this particular species.
It looks a lot like Hapalopus triseriatus. That would be my guess, and if not triseriatus, some other Hapalopus species. Sweet find.

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