Unknown Female T at store is CB

Unknown Female T at store is CB

There is a new reptile store and the owner doesn't know what this T is. He doesn't normally do tarantulas but took her in on trade. She is 4 yrs old.
michaelcb said:
that's a nhandu coloratovillosus. hope that helps
Michael, no offense, dude, but I SO wish YOU owned this T, 'cause I would totally rip you off like Bonnie and Clyde, and plunk down my my forty bucks or so for your "Nhandu coloratovillosus"...and walk off with this mature female Brachypelma klaasi! That's what this is, NOT a Nhandu anything, an adult female B. klaasi, in bad need of a molt. Whoever posted the pics, go to the pet store, and make him an offer, just don't tell him what kind of T this is, or if you do, hope that he is clueless as to how much it's worth!

I don't know where do you see B.klassi on this picture.. heh..
N.coloratovillosum also my opinion ;)
there is no need to be aggressive princess. maybe it is a klaasi. i think it could be a coloratovillosus. u do not need to be aggressive about it and im only human. maybe you are the one thats wrong. dont play the know it all because you seem to be an immature woman with serious personality issues. have a merry christmas and stop harassing me.
I think it does look like a Nhandu species, but I'm leaning more towards carapoensis than coloratovillosus.
I've searched alot of carapoensis pictures and 90% show dark legs, so I'm leaning more to coloratovillosus, also this possibly could be a sub/hybrid species between the two, that would be awesome.

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