unidentified asian dwarf T

unidentified asian dwarf T

Purchased unID'd any ideas? Shes at 3", hasn't molted in close to 5 months. She's kept at 80°f and 75%humidity
I'm sorry but i have to disargee on that.
There are no signs of vibrant blue colors and it doesent look like mine did at that size...
Shes terestrial not arboreal, she creates burrows with the turret on top. And shes been 3.5" for about 6 months. Theres no way shes L.violaceopes.
A juvenile Lampropelma violaceopes looks exactly like this one, they are less vibrant when they are young. But yours is not arboreal, it's not Lampropelma violaceopes then... There are very few blue Asian terrestrial Ts, and very few Asian Ts reach only a 3.5" LS as adults. Really hard to tell, do you know if it's a WC spider? Surat thani phang nga has not yet established in this hobby and much darker than this one
Im guessing it is a wild caught spider as it does not have a positive ID. If its wild caught could it possibly be C.paganus? (even though the original specimen is MIA) Deffinitely not hainanum, hainanum are a very large robust Sp. And do not have any blue.

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