Undescribed lychas

Undescribed lychas

Undescribed lychas
@BushYeti why woud you say that? looks almost identical to marmoreus with only very slight differences. unless this photo isnt taken in australia its almost certainly a colour / size morph of marmoreus.
@BushYeti firstly, who is the "scorpion expert" you are reffering to and secondly i didnt say pure lychas marmoreus i said a MORPH of lychas marmoreus such as lychas bestii, lychas pallidus, lychas armatus and lychas nigriscens which are all not pure marmoreus but rather different locales/ morphs of marmoreus.
They are not Morphs of Marmoreus they are species of lychas huge Differnce morph is colour or location differnce in same species & Well there is only 1 known scorpion guys who is pritty damn well famous. Marm is a specific kind you should have said lychas species as maybe there is a sub genus of marm but it's 100% not a marm in any form & undescribed.
righto mate.... righto ill just leave you to do well .. "you" things, i didnt claim to be an expert i just have been keeping scorpions since i was 14. also yes every single as you said lychas "species" i listed is actually a morph of marm, for the sake of not having to type marmoreus constantly i left it out their full names, which are are: lychas marmoreus bestii, lychas marmoreus pallidus, lychas marmoreus armatus and lychas marmoreus nigriscens. happy now? i have written their full names. if you think the above are seperate species from marm then you need a new expert.
LOLOL No We have lychas buchari & spinatus etc which are no Form of marmoreus He knows his shit.
Not all lychas Are In the Marm family its that simple there is heaps seperate including this species

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