Trigoniulus corallinus pupoid

Trigoniulus corallinus pupoid

After I caught my Scarlet millipedes mating, I separated the female and found a handful of eggs to monitor.
This is the pupoid stage, where antennal buds and limb buds are visible, as well as indentions for the mouth and anus.
@mickiem I don't think so. My millipede book uses it for the period between hatching and stadium (molt) 1. I think its more analagous to a larvae?
Protonymph must be the same. It looks the same; like a little croissant. It is a legless stage after the egg and before they get legs. Somehow they move! I have seen them on the surface and then I will see them buried. Unless the adults move around them to help bury them?
Yes, the protonymph stage, SO WEIRD AND AMAZING. Great shot, it's good documentation of the process. They molt up quick from here I hope you get lots of shots of the young as the grow.
Yes, I have a few growing babies isolated in a small plastic dish between two moist cotton rounds so I can check on them every day and they won't go anywhere :)
Hopefully more pics to come as they get bigger

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