Triangulate cobweb spider

Triangulate cobweb spider

Female spider multiple sacks but not all hers distant cousin of the the black widow but harmless.
@Dawnes1221 this is what I believe your egg sacks to be but just to be sure. Can you pull one of the egg sacks out and take a closer picture as long as you don't rip the sack you can hold it in the palm of your hand.
You're right, I am happy to say, this is egg sacks from the triangulate cob web spider! The spiders I found yesterday that I thought were small widows, i noticed their abdomen was a bit more round than the widows I've seen, but I was thrown off by their widow like legs, here is the picture I took of the triangulate female (#1), and male (#2.)


I feel bad for killing the female, but the egg sacs are in my kitchen too, and I found the female spider in the bathroom, and the male in the hallway. The male I let go back by the eggs and it went and curled up among the eggs, it looks like it is at home there.
They are really pretty spiders so far the only ones I've really come across have been black and white. There will be many more from all the sacs in your video. They do keep fly's out of Windows pretty well though. But if you don't want to kill them and you don't want them loose you can move the sacks and the spider outside in another abandoned or living spiders web they will hatch and disperse and the full grown one will make it a new home. Nice pictures though it's neat to see how species of the same family have evolved and changed color to adapt to their environment.

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